Work Ethic and Attitudes of Entitlement

A Short History of Education

We in the U.S. view education is a “right” because the laws mandating required attendance give parents no optional choice, other than homeschooling. What most people don’t understand is that education is federally funded to develop a workforce that meets the needs of the national economy and businesses’ needs for a skilled workforce. These laws began when manufacturing was located in cities where there was an abundant supply of unskilled workers. Manufacturers employed children for reasons of size (fingers, hands, bodies that could reach into small spaces) and economics (children would be paid less).

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Financial Versus Ethical Decision Making in a Masters of Finance

The last five or six years have not been great for the reputations of those in finance. Be it Wall Street scandals or corporate finance meltdowns, finance and ethics are under closer scrutiny than ever before. If you want to go into finance, it is still a good time – jobs are still out there. If you are pursuing higher education, though, you should use that opportunity to consider the ethical impact of financial decisions.

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Personal Ethics and Life

Oddly enough this page continues to grow in viewership and ranks as one of the highest viewed pages on this website. I’m impressed with the growing concern for ethics at this time. This paper was originally written for Leadership 520 – Organizational Ethics, while enrolled in the Master of Arts in Organizational Management program at the University of Phoenix in Arizona. It is a personal sharing and story of that time and personal space in my life. At the risk of appearing overly self-indulgent I have posted it here, making a few edits and including additional links below for further exploration. At worst, I hope this piece provides some encouragement for your own efforts. Thanks and blessings on your own journey…

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